Hergele : A stray horse or donkey not yet used to the mount.

“Hergele is developed by Turkish engineers & designers and it’s produced locally, our electric scooter is designed to overcome cities where transportation is difficult with multidisciplinary methods, considering many different city structures. "

Hergele Scooters her zaman yanında!


Meet the Hergele Fleet options and set up your own fleet today, start operating!


Timeless design meets high performance, meet your boy today!


Make your Hergele just for you with the arrangements you choose, the color and deck with the Hergele Custom Pack!

A local production electric scooter for personal or daily use, with customizable gas-brake systems, it is suitable for every user, and has a unique design that never gives up on the city's bumpy roads and steep slopes!


Front Shock Absorber System

Maximum comfort on all roads.

Foldable, Portable

Easy to fit in vehicles thanks to its portable structure

Puncture-Proof Solid Flex Tires

Special design, shock absorbing tire for driving comfort.

Timeless Design

Timeless design where retro style is integrated with technology

25 Km/h Top Speed

On a flat road, limited to 25 km, control by driving modes.