Hergele : Tribe

How did it all begin?

Hergele was born in one of the most crowded metropoles, therefore it will save you speed and time while allowing you to escape all the challenges of the city. It is developed and produced locally by Turkish engineers and designers, Hergele was designed to overcome cities where transportation is difficult, with multidisciplinary methods, considering many different city structures.

Why Are We Here?

As the Hergele team, we set out with the aim of creating a community that has a taste of exclusivity in design, not just producing a transportation vehicle. All those who want to deviate from the standard and have their own way; in addition to a strong and durable product, we work to give that sense of belonging.


Hergele has been developed over a period of two years by a team of experts from different disciplines who are graduates of Istanbul Technical University. With the harmony of different disciplines and perspectives, we have reached originality in design and competence in engineering.

I now divide my life into before and after Hergele. I'm getting lazy and looking for a taxi when I should go from here to there, even if it's something now

I say go out with my Hergele! It has made my life so much easier and now I can handle everything faster, of course my taxi money is also in my pocket.

Sena Özcan

Physical Therapist

You shot me in the heart with your experience, quality and simplified design, Hergele! It is a product at a level that cannot be compared with its competitors from China or other far east countries. Also in Turkey, so popular worldwide a product's value to be prepared to take the lead in producing a product also increases. Have a good path, Hergele, though it doesn't matter that you go on every road ..

Atakan Babacan


The feeling of being back in my childhood when I first got on Hergele really excited me. It was the high-tech one of the kick-scooters I had in elementary school, and that moment was a very special moment for me. I didn't even want to leave my Hergele again, leave me with me.

Ali Başar Gümüş


I have rented electric scooters in different models many times before, and Hergele impressed me first with its original design, after I had the opportunity to use it, it fascinated me with the sense of security it gives, and greetings to the rascal who touched the child inside us!

Yavuz İşçi

Senior Engineer

Thanks to the Hergele, I complete my journey without the stress of being late and I don't need to make any effort on the slopes. In addition, while providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride to the Hergele, it suits every outfit!

Aysu Demir


I think Hergele takes the electric scooter experience to a very different dimension. By understanding the user in design, they have built their products on comfort. Not having difficulty on the slope is perhaps the most important feature that distinguishes Hergele from others. Hergele is perfect for feeling freedom and relaxing in Istanbul's traffic and stress. You will fall in love with this feeling …

Seha Gürbüz

Business Coach

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