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Reward Referrals

Pick up a new customer, pick up a new reward. Get your customers to do the hard work for you by rewards for getting their friends and family on board.

Push Notifications

 Send users location-based and time-based notifications to keep them involved. Simple to set up, keeping you in touch with your users at anytime.

Promo Codes

Motivate the audience by offering promo codes for a discount or incentivize your customers with personalized promotions and exclusive coupons.

Custom Pricing 

Get the flexibility you need to create custom pricing plans that reflect your company and better engage your customers with special subscription offers.

Stay in touch with your riders!

Maximize your fleet's potential with our powerful marketing tools! Stay connected to your riders and increase engagement by sending personalized incentives, promotions, and campaigns. Increase utilization and drive demand for your services with the ability to reach out to riders directly and keep them coming back for more.

The Software That Fits All

Quickly start and scale your own fleet of …


Stand out with a fully customizable app that reflects your brand and personality


Know your riders and improve fleet performance with insights into mobility habits.


Interact with your riders and drive demand for your fleet with custom marketing tools.


Customize your white label rider app to reflect your brand and create an  experience for your riders.

Personalize the app to reflect your brand and create a unique, easy-to-use experience for your riders. Try today!

Prioritize your customers' happiness and expand your market reach with the multi-language support of our end user mobile app.

Multi-language support expands market reach by catering to multi national fleets.

Fast Conversion

Your own branded app that makes it easy for users to book, unlock, and pay for your vehicles. Up and running in no time. Once ready, we will make it available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store for ultimate compatibility.

User Experience

The white-label rider app is the most intuitive, easy to use and familiar app for drivers’ end users. It has been designed for your customers, thanks to its state-of-the-art UI/UX design.

Rider Information

Know your customers and give them the best service at all times. Get detailed information on each customer, their location and daily movements with every trip they make. Plus, track user behavior over time to spot trends and patterns.

Habitual Data

Track and analyze rider data to optimize fleet performance and maximize revenue. Monitor trip start and end locations, frequency of visits, and other key metrics to create personalized heat maps and identify high-demand areas. Use this data to inform your fleet management decisions and grow your business.


Your business is continually evolving and so are its customers. That’s why at Hergele we stress the importance of frequent evolvement regarding your mobility needs. Our software will offer your customers incentives who carry out certain activities, such as leaving your vehicles at the end of the ride at the appointed spots of your choice, for example, a charging station.

Urban Pins

ransform your mobility services into a tour guide with Hergele! Partner with local businesses or add value to your service by helping riders discover new points of interest. Our platform allows you to easily add these locations to rider maps, making it easy for them to explore and discover new things. 

Make A Difference!

Our shared mobility platform is built on the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation. Join the movement and let's work towards a better planet, trip by trip and fleet by fleet.

Tech support, by your side!

We know launching and growing a fleet can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you achieve your business goals. Contact our tech help team today to learn more!

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