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The Software That Fits All

Quickly start and scale your own fleet of …

Get Paid

Get paid quickly and easily with our payment process.


Manage and track your financials, all accessible through dashboard.


Incentivize riders with bonus credits and customizable initiatives,

Stay informed, tracking all financial data to maintain the success of your fleet.

Track your financials over time to see how your fleet's performance and revenue are changing, make your improvements on the run.

The flexibility to accept multiple currencies and make it simpler for your users.

Growth feature for multi national fleets, easier expansion with Hergele's trusted infrastructure.

Fleet Based Pricing

Whether you have a single fleet or multiple fleets in different locations, Hergele platform lets you create custom pricing plans to meet the unique needs of each fleet and drive demand for your services.

Vehicle Based Pricing

Set custom pricing plans based on the type of vehicle being used. With our flexible pricing options, you can tailor your service to meet the needs of your customers and optimize your fleet's revenue.

Rider Based Pricing

By using rider-based pricing, you can offer discounts and promotions to specific groups of riders to drive demand for your services and increase revenue. Motivate your riders with your custom prices and rewards.

Subscription Models

Create custom subscription plans to fit the needs of your riders, whether you want to offer discounted rates for students, premium plans for top riders or tailor packages for corporations such as factories, hotel chains or warehouses.

Custom Pricing Models

Hergele Mobility's Fleet Management Infrastructure allows operators to manage and optimize their fleets in multiple locations and countries. As an administrator, you can easily add and manage multiple vehicles, set custom pricing plans, and create campaigns to drive demand for your fleet. Contact us and try out Hergele dashboard today!


Your business is continually evolving and so are its customers. That’s why at Hergele we stress the importance of frequent evolvement regarding your mobility needs. With Hergele, you can offer your riders incentives who carry out certain activities, such as leaving your vehicles at the end of the ride at the appointed spots, for example, a charging station or a parking zone.

Bonus Credits

Build a strong relationship with your customers. Reward them for their loyalty and engagement, give complimentary credits and make them happy. All is possible within the control dashboard of Hergele Shared Mobility Fleet Management Software.

Multiple Fleets

Operate multiple fleets and easily switch between them. The Dashboard allows you to monitor all of your operations in one place, whether they are in the same city or spread across many.

Habitual Data

Track and analyze rider data to optimize fleet performance and maximize revenue. Monitor trip start and end locations, frequency of visits, and other key metrics to create personalized heat maps and identify high-demand areas. Use this data to inform your fleet management decisions and grow your business.

Trusted Payment

Operate multiple fleets and easily switch between them. The Dashboard allows you to monitor all of your operations in one place, whether they are in the same city or spread across many.

Fraud Protection

Quickly and easily create geofences based on your business needs. Designate riding zones, no parking zones, slow zones, or more expensive drop-off and parking zones. Change these geofencing settings whenever and wherever you need to.

Make A Difference!

Our shared mobility platform is built on the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation. Join the movement and let's work towards a better planet, trip by trip and fleet by fleet.

Tech support, by your side!

We know launching and growing a fleet can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you achieve your business goals. Contact our tech help team today to learn more!

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