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Connect Vehicles

Hergele Mobility's fleet management software is the simplest and easiest solution to connect all of your vehicles, manage them, and operate them efficiently. We connect and integrate your vehicles to the IoT platform so that you can manage all aspects of your fleet.

The Software That Fits All

Quickly start and scale your own fleet of …


Connect multiple vehicle types, create hybrid fleets and manage them.


Create and manage multiple fleets, geofences and zones through the dashboard.


Fleet data on a timely base for you to understand the dynamics of your operation.

Track your fleet in real time, all of your vehicles, riders and whatever is necessary for your operation.

With the heat map, you can track your most utilised routes, hottest spots and preferred destinations.

Quickly define your zones based on your operational needs and change whenever you need.

Designate riding zones, no parking zones, slow zones or more expensive drop-off and parking zones. 

Track, compare and review all actions of your fleet on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Control your entire fleet in real time and track the performance of your operation.

Data Logs

See all your trips, users, vehicles and transactions in a single unified view. It’s super-easy to keep track of who did what and where. Whether you need to check if everything went smoothly or think about future plans, it’s only one click away!

Hybrid Fleets

Electric scooters, bikes, mopeds or even charging stations, make your choice and we can integrate your hardware whenever you’re ready to launch or scale your operations.

Multiple Fleets

Operate multiple fleets and easily switch between them. The Dashboard allows you to monitor all of your operations in one place, whether they are in the same city or spread across many.

Define Zones

Quickly and easily create geofences based on your business needs. Designate riding zones, no parking zones, slow zones, or more expensive drop-off and parking zones. Change these geofencing settings whenever and wherever you need to.

Time Relativity

As your business grows and becomes more complex, it becomes harder to stay on top of everything. The admin dashboard has been designed specifically to make managing your fleet easier than ever before. Compare anything according to the historical data and quickly make changes to ensure the best results for your business.

Make A Difference!

Our shared mobility platform is built on the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation. Join the movement and let's work towards a better planet, trip by trip and fleet by fleet.

Tech support, by your side!

We know launching and growing a fleet can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you achieve your business goals. Contact our tech help team today to learn more!

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