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The Software That Fits All

Quickly start and scale your own fleet of …
Boost your micro mobility business with Hergele Mobility's all-inclusive platform! Our ready-to-operate business model enables operators to build, launch, and grow fleets.
The control dashboard tracks all data, the end user app enables riders to join, and the operators app connects admins to field teams. Try Hergele Mobility's all-inclusive platform today.
Control Dashboard

Monitor trips, vehicles, customers, and payments in real time and use analytics and task management tools to optimize your fleet's performance.

End User Mobile App

Ride with confidence using Hergele Mobility's rider app. Find and book shared mobility vehicles, track your trips, and leave ratings and reviews, all at your fingertps.

Operators App

Manage and maintain your micro mobility fleet with ease. From real-time visibility to performance analytics, this app has everything you need to optimize your efficiency.


The platform is designed to be fully integrated, with all components working together seamlessly to provide an end-to-end solution for micro mobility fleet operators.

The control dashboard allows you to track all necessary information regarding your operation.

All information about your users, vehicles, trips, finances and even your teams maintaining the fleet, all archived.

Fleet Management

Simplify your fleet management process with comprehensive dashboard. View all your trips, vehicles, customers and payments in one place.

Operational Excellence

Improve your fleet's efficiency and customer satisfaction with our real-time dashboard and analytics tools and enhance customer satisfaction.

Financial Execution

Gain a deeper understanding of your financial performance. Track all transactions, compare your financials on a timely basis.

Custom Experience

Give your fleet a look and feel that's all your own with our customizable app! Create a personalized experience for your riders that reflects you!

Start The Journey Today!

Experience the power of micro mobility and launch your own business in no time with our intuitive platform. With tools for managing and optimizing your fleet, you'll be able to connect to your riders and spread the magic of micro mobility, anywhere, anytime!

Tech support, by your side!

We know launching and growing a fleet can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you achieve your business goals. Contact our tech help team today to learn more!

Make A Difference!

Our shared mobility platform is built on the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation. Join the movement and let's work towards a better planet, trip by trip and fleet by fleet.

Intuitive UI - UX

For smooth, effortless rides, our mobile application is thoroughly designed with your riders in mind.

Your Brand, Your App

Make the Rider App your own by customizing the look and feel! Show your riders who you are

Custom App

Get your app up and running in no time - it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Track Operation

Effortlessly link your field and office teams for seamless communication and top-quality work.

Stay Connected

Streamline task assignment and management with automated task pools and easily track your teams.

Tasks Timeline

Use the dashboard to stay up-to-date on teams and tasks, keep your operation running smoothly,


that have been with us through this journey

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