All Inclusive

Hergele provides a complete end-to-end solution to make micro mobility fleets easy to deploy, launch and grow. Hergele Mobility offers a fleet pack for emerging operators including the white label end user mobile app, operators app, fleet management system and the vehicles.

 Market leading electric scooters specially designed to withstand the daily challenges of sharing operations.

White label all inclusive fleet pack including backend fleet management dashboard, end user mobile app, operators app.

Integration of the Iot devices to the vehicles and to the fleet operating software, payment service integration.

Fleet brand identity design, corporate white label website design, operating and maintenance consultancy.

All You Need to Start Your Own Fleet

 Scooters that are integrated with the IoT devices, a backend control dashboard to track all of the vehicles, finances, riders, an operators app for your staff and an end user mobile app for your customers to join the system.

According to Your Needs

 Providing both the software and the hardware, we tailor each fleet according to the operator’s needs. Besides the white label software solutions, we also provide custom features and branding options for your fleet.

Custom Features

Increasing the operational active time with swappable battery option, catching all eyes on the field with custom paint work and reflecting your brand identity with decal options.

How does it work?

Shared Mobility

All Inclusive Package

What do we offer, exactly?

Hergele Mobility offers an all inclusive shared mobility fleet package, tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a public sharing fleet dockless on the streets or a private fleet for a residential area or hotel/resort etc., Hergele Mobility saves you the time and effort for the fleet launch and growth processes. With the all inclusive ready to operate package, we aim to ease and fasten the process of fleet building, decrease the time to market for the operators and maximize the efficiency throughout the process. So that, we would be able to diversify the micro mobility sharing market as well. So that we would make it possible for anybody to start a fleet today, no matter the size.



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