GPS Devices

Hergele Mobility offers market dominating GPS tracking IoT devices that link the vehicles and the sharing backend platform.

Teltonika TST100 is a kick e-scooter tracking device with integrated GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity, designed for sharing applications. TST100 enables the possibility to read information from kick e-scooters ECU and control them remotely.

Omni provides IoT devices mostly for kick scooters and bikes. It is widely used by vehicle manufacturers that use Omni IoT as a default built in option (like Segway, Acton and many others).


 Hergele Mobility’s scooters have a number of features that will both facilitate your operational needs and improve the user experience. Developped exclusively for sharing operations, the vehicles are equipped according to your fleet’s needs.

Swappable Battery

Swappable batteries enable the operational staff to keep vehicles on field for longer periods of time and ease the operational process, increasing the cost efficiency. In addition to decreased operation expenses and time in finding and deploying scooters, As Hergele Mobility we are continuously working on features to improve electric scooter sharing operations for both operators and riders.

IoT Cable Lock

In order to prevent clutter and theft, we recommend the electric scooters to be locked to proper areas considering the regulations. For the operations Hergele Mobility offers the IoT steel cable lock that can be controlled easily via the control panel and the end user mobile app, in seconds.

Custom Paint Options

In order to reflect the identity, Hergele Mobility offers another option such as the desired paint job applied to the whole body or partially on the vehicle, allowing operators to design their to fit their fleet’s vision.

Custom Decal Options

Create one of a kind wraps for your fleet. Present your idea to a Hergele Mobility’s design specialists and we will turn your vision into a reality.


Battery Capacity : 36 V 10.4 Ah

Range : 35 km

Battery Type : Lithium Ion

Swappable Battery : Yes


Motor Power : 350W, Peak 650W

Max Net Torque : 19.6 N.m

Climbing : 12 ° ∽ 20%

Maximum Speed : 25 Km/h

Motor : Front Wheel Drive

Suspension : Front Fork Shock Absorber


Brakes : Electromagnetic & Disc 

Frame Material : Cast Aluminum

Tires : Honeycomb Puncture Proof Solid Flex Tires

IP Ratings : IP54 

Maximum Load : 100 kg