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The Software That Fits All

Quickly start and scale your own fleet of …


Gathering and monitoring key data points for efficient fleet management.


Analyzing data to gain insight into user behavior and preferences.


Assigning tasks to ensure platform sustainability and fleet maintenance.

Understanding the dynamics of your fleet and mobility habits of your riders is essential for your business.

With the heat map, you can track your most utilised routes, hottest spots and preferred destinations.

Manage your fleet on the ground, set and assign tasks to your staff and track every move in the control dashboard.

Control dashboard is directly linked to your operational teams via the operators app, both reaching the task pool and assigned tasks.

Get real-time collaboration and archived information on your vehicle base with Hergele.

Make use of the comment feature on the vehicle base to communicate with both admins and staff, with all comments being archived in the dashboard backlogs.

Assigned Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to teams such as battery swaps, relocating vehicles to areas in higher density or routine maintenance on daily basis. Also for the operation team to easily perform their assigned tasks, there are a set of sequential steps describing specialized according to each task.

Task Pool

As an admin, you have the ability to monitor and manage the tasks assigned to operational staff on the map or in list view. If a task is not suitable for the assigned team member, it can be dropped and reassigned to another team member. The task pool can also be updated automatically through data driven by the backend management system of operation.

Rider Information

Maximize customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty by gaining a deep understanding of your customers and their needs. Utilize advanced analytics to track key data points such as location, movement patterns, and behavior over time, and use these insights to tailor your service and identify emerging trends and opportunities

Staff Information

The control dashboard keeps records of work performance, completed tasks, and personal information of your field teams so that your teams stay organized and the admins can track their progress. These management features are used for internal purposes and helps you to provide the best possible service to customers.​​

User Analytics

Gaining a deep understanding of user behavior and preferences through tracking key metrics such as ride frequency, locations, and payment history to identify trends and optimize fleet performance.

Trip Analytics

Analyzing trip data to understand patterns in location, route, and frequency, and identify opportunities for optimization and growth while monitoring key metrics such as revenue, duration and frequency.

Vehicle Analytics

Tracking key metrics such as usage patterns, maintenance needs, and fault occurrences to optimize fleet performance and ianalyze data on charging cycles, relocation and other key vehicle data points to increase efficiency of your operation.

Transaction Analytics

Monitoring transaction data to optimize financial performance and identify potential fraudulent activity. Analyzing key financial metrics such as revenue, bonuses, and balances to inform financial management strategies and protect against fraud.

Track Every Move

Unlocking the power of data to optimize fleet performance and make informed decisions. Get the inside scoop on user behavior, trip patterns, vehicle performance, and financial metrics with our advanced analytics capabilities.

Multiple Fleets

Operate multiple fleets and easily switch between them. The Dashboard allows you to monitor all of your operations in one place, whether they are in the same city or spread across many.

Data Logs

See all your trips, users, vehicles and transactions in a single unified view. It’s super-easy to keep track of who did what and where. Whether you need to check if everything went smoothly or think about future plans, it’s only one click away!

Intuitive UI - UX

For smooth, effortless rides, our mobile application is thoroughly designed with your riders in mind.

Your Brand, Your App

Make the Rider App your own by customizing the look and feel! Show your riders who you are

Custom App

Get your app up and running in no time - it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Track Operation

Link your field and office teams for seamless communication and top-quality work.

Stay Connected

Streamline task assignment with automated task pools and easily track your teams.

Tasks Timeline

Use the dashboard to stay up-to-date on teams and tasks, keep your operation running smoothly,


Make A Difference!

Our shared mobility platform is built on the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation. Join the movement and let's work towards a better planet, trip by trip and fleet by fleet.

Tech support, by your side!

We know launching and growing a fleet can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you achieve your business goals. Contact our tech help team today to learn more!

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