End User Mobile App

Hergele Mobility’s white label end user mobile app allows the operators to reflect their brand identity to their fleets’ users. Smartly designed and efficient, the app will present your fleet in the most favourable way possible. Hergele’s designer team and developer team collaborates on the white label conversion in order to tailor each app accordingly with the branding.

Corporate Web Design

Your website is the face of your fleet online and one of the first glimpses of your brand. Hergele’s web design and development team will make sure that the white label conversion tells your fleets’ unique story and represent on the digital platforms.

Other Services

Hergele provides a complete end-to-end solution to the emerging micro mobility entrepreneurs. Hergele Mobility offers their operators branding and design services as well as their consultancy with years of experience and know how in the industry. Our main purpose is to take the weight off of the operators and make sure they keep their focus on their operation. Give your fleet a chance to be unique.

Fleet Identity Design

Hardware & Software

Brand Identity

First impression is everything. Hergele design team works closely with the operator to create and reflect your brand’s vision. Your identity is your unique character that your riders encounter first.

Logo Design

Of all the visual parts that make up your brand identity, your logo is the mark that represents the whole, your fleet’s strongest point of recognition. Hergele experts lead you through the design phase and tell your unique story via your brand.

Decal Wrap Graphics

Hergele Mobility offers custom decal graphics designed exclusively for each fleet. The graphics follow the image of the brand and stand out in the streets, grasping riders' attention in its particular way.

User Interface

Hergele Mobility offers white label solutions to the backend management dashboard, end user mobile application and operators app. Your brand identity will be implemented to the operators' selected platforms.

All Inclusive

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Hergele Mobility provides an end-to-end solution for shared mobility entrepreneurs and this statement includes the consultancy services as well. For the operations to run smoother, grow and scale; Hergele’s experts share their know-hows on operations and regulatory necessities via one-on-one mentoring sessions.

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