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Hergele Timeline

Migros Up x WaMo

The WaMo (Warehouse Mobility) is a joint patented project, led by an agile team made up of decision makers (Migros Management), designers, engineers and end users (Warehouse Management). 

The Co-Innovation project is the R&D of a brand new segment micro logistics - mobility vehicle that will be piloted in Migros’ Warehouses and then disseminated on a global scale. Design and development of an innovative vehicle based on electric scooter technology with the aim of making the goods picking process more efficient and ergonomic in distribution centres.

ITS Turkey, Best Startup '21

We were selected by ITS Turkey as the Startup of the Year at the AUSDER 2021 Aklın Yolu Transportation Awards. ITS Turkey (AUSDER) is an association that gathers all actors related to the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems under one roof. 

Brisa, Yolculugun Onculeri Finalist

As the Hergele Team, we were selected as the Brisa Sabancı Journey Pioneers (Yolculuğun Öncüleri) Program 2021 Finalists. We worked closely with Brisa and Viveka mentors through the process.

Smart 365 City Conference, Speaker

​As Hergele, we have been invited to the Smart 365 City Conference as a speaker. We had presented our vision and goals in a 30 minute speech. The main purpose of the Smart 365 Conference was to bring together public partners, academics and solution providers from different countries and contribute to the emergence of smart, sustainable and socially inclusive cities.

Migros Up, Silicon Demoday

As a result of our participation in the Migros Up Entrepreneurship Launch Competition and being selected as one the Migros Future Entrepreneurs, Migros introduced Hergele to OpenGate Partners (Silicon Valley Investment Advisors)  and started the training with Mareese Keane. After two weeks of training, Hergele was qualified to make a pitch to Silicon Valley investors.

Bilisim Vadisi, Mobility Accelerator

As Hergele Team, we have been selected for the Bilişim Vadisi Mobility Acceleration Program. Among the initiatives in the program, we have been one of the 2 initiatives at TRL9 (market preparation - in the market, made sales, the most advanced). 

Throughout the program, UNITED Group Technology Group President Muhammed Alyuruk has been appointed as our mentor. We had worked closely with him on public sales and municipal relations. In addition, since Mahrek Teknoloji, the Turkish distributor company of Teltonika, with which we are in cooperation with, is also within the scope of United Group, we have improved our technology supply collaborations.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, 2nd Place

We won the 2nd prize in the Turkish branch of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards competition held by the Entrepreneurs Organization, which operates in 61 countries around the world and has 14.000+ leaders. 

Startup Disrupt, Female Leaders

We introduced Hergele at the panel titled “Female Leaders : Being a Women Entrepreneur in Turkey” organized by Prague-based Startup Disrupt. 

ITU ARI3 Technopark, BigBang2020, Top20

We were entitled to participate in Demo Day as a finalist in the SmartXCity competition organized by Startupswatch, which monitors the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Migros Up, Launch Top 5

After being endorsed and given a grant by Migros in the İTÜ Arı 3 Teknokent’s Big Bang Startup Challenge in December 2020, Migros had announced that they were launching a corporate entrepreneurial collaboration department called Migros UP. 

As Hergele we participated in the first Migros UP competition and had been selected to the Top 5 finalists. As a result, we were selected to participate for the Silicon Valley Demo Day and began the training program.

ITU ARI 3 Technopark Firm

As a TOP20 Startup on Big Bang stage, we have been awarded with an İTÜ Çekirdek Incubation Center’s Closed Office. At the beginning of 2021 we moved to our new office in Technopark and legally became a Technopark firm. Hergele’s R&D processes and developper team‘s activities currently take place at the Yellow Office.

Startupswatch Demoday Finalist

We were entitled to participate in Demo Day as a finalist in the SmartXCity competition organized by Startupswatch, which monitors the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

OIB Design Competition, Finalist

We were among the top 10 finalists in the Future of Automotive Design Competition organized by the Automotive Exporters Association and supported by the Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Exporters' Assembly. 

Fleet Software, Final Product

Hergele provides an all inclusive shared mobility fleet package consisting of both the software and the hardware, integration and design services as well as the business consultancy for the operations.  For the mobility package, the software side of this business model had been completed at the end of 2020. With this software, Hergele offers its customers the control dashboard and the mobile app with a selection of features to meet the exact needs. 

ARPC, Honorary Mention

Arya Retreat Pitching Challenge (ARPC) Acceleration Program 2020, organized by Arya Women's Investment Platform and with the participation of sponsors such as Fark Holding and Türkiye İş Bankası, was one of the 15 selected initiatives. After receiving mentorship and training from experts such as Esra Talu and Ahu Serter, Hergele participated in the Finals and received Honorary Mention. Hergele had been qualified to participate in the ARPC Final Demo Day.

Hergele Scooters, End Users

Hergele’s campaign was completed with 148% success rate and the Hergeles met their first owners and took their place in the end user market. Addressing a niche target audience, Hergele offers a high performance scooters with a timeless design touch.  After the first month of the crowdfunding campaign, the COVID19 pandemic had begun. Despite the pandemic, Hergele succeeded on the campaign. The production processes had slowed down due to unexpected reasons yet the supporters were always informed with transparency.

Horizon2020, LC GV ST I

As Hergele, we participated in the Horizon2020‘s Low Carbon Green Vehicles Subtopic I call with a consortium made up of partners such as Michelin, Autoliv,CERTH, University of Firenze and Sparks. 

The aim of the project was to design and develop the electric micro mobility vehicle at a TRL 8+ level. We wrote the Horizon2020 project simultaneously with the Turkcell Arıkovanı Crowdfunding Campaign. Due to the COVID19 pandemic in March, some of the major companies in the consortium had withdrawn from the project. In this case, our level of responsibilities increased and work package leader in the first Horizon consortium we joined. 

Turkcell Crowdfunding Campaign

Hergele had designed and developed its own products without any investment. In order to provide the necessary cash flow for this project to meet the market, Hergele started its own Turkcell Crowdfunding Campaign. The crowdfunding campaign on the Turkcell Arıkovanı Platform provided the funds to start production with a success rate of 148%. The campaign period has been 2 months and with the completion of the 1st month, the COVID19 pandemic had begun. Despite the pandemic, Hergele achieved success in its 2nd month without slowing down. There were delays due to force majeure, but the supporters were always informed with transparency.

Hergele Scooters, Design & Development

Hergele was born in one of the most crowded metropoles, therefore its main purpose is to make your life easier, save you time while allowing you to escape all urban daily challenges.  Developped and produced locally by Turkish engineers and designers, Hergele was designed to overcome the first mile, last mile distances with a multidisciplinary approach, considering all types of city structures. As Hergele, we set out with the aim of creating a community that has a taste of exclusivity in design, not just producing a mean of transportation. We are creating a common ground for all those who want to deviate from the standard and claim their own way.

Hergele Scooters, Beginning

Hergele has been developped over a period of two years by a team of experts from different disciplines who are all graduates of Istanbul Technical University. With the harmony of different disciplines and perspectives, we have reached originality in design and high performance and competence in engineering.


If you want to learn more about our journey, you are always welcome to contact us to hear out the rest of the story. Thank you so muchf or your attention!

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