But Baby It’s Cold Outside : Riding in Winter

The winter season has arrived. During this time of the year, everything changes when it comes to riding an electric scooter. The weather has turned cooler, making the roadways a bit more hazardous and making visibility lower. If you're winter scooter rider, here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your journey.

Wear Helmet and Safety Gear

Wearing a helmet is absolute must. You should also wear elbow and knee pads as part of your scooter safety gear. It's much more important during the colder months of the year. When the roads are icy a greater risk of tripping or falling occurs.

Proper Outfit

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather while riding an electric scooter in the winter. As opposed to commuting in a vehicle or using public transit, there is no way to shield yourself from the chilly wind.

Keep your mind on the road by wearing a warm and comfortable outfit! Waterproof clothing can keep you dry in damp weather. Keep your face warm by shielding it from the wind by using a face mask (found at most motorcycle stores). Wear clothing that is very visible from a distance (bright and reflective, preferably not white) since the visibility is lower in winter.

Ride Carefully

In the winter, riding an electric scooter calls for entire attention to the road. Listening to music is not recommended since you should be alert of the noises around you. Depending on the weather conditions, other cars may lose control and drift into you. Additionally, you should keep an eye on the road for icy patches that might cause you to lose control.

As you speed up, it becomes more difficult to stop. When riding in winter, make sure to ride at a slower speed and avoid speeding up. Avoid risky moves when riding your scooter. Sudden movements have a major impact on traction.

With these cautions and some common sense, there's no excuse not to ride your scooter throughout the winter months but riding is not recommended in severe weather conditions including ice, snow, sleet or heavy rain.

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