Future of Mobility : What’s Next?

The world is changing. Modes of transportation, transportation materials used are changing and evolving continuously. Gasoline-fueled vehicles are now changing to eco friendly, electric and high technology products. They should be compact, lightweight and safe. Materials would be used in the future urban mobility seems to be light but strong mixed metals to maximize the strength and resistance. For example, carbon fiber material may become more prevalent in scooters, skateboards, and other modes of mobility. It's easier to envision the future also because of advancements in designs. Future possibilities are shaped by innovative and unique designs. Electric scooters, e-bikes, and even skateboards are seeing new and innovative design developments. The following designs are some of the concepts that caught our eye.


What will the electric scooter of future look like? The design concept developed by Koshik Singh will fundamentally alter our perception of scooters. By including seats in the scooter while maintaining its simple and compact design, the experience of riding a scooter is made less tiresome, while the inclusion of speakers enhances the journey without making it bulky. An expanded seat for the scooter is stored in a compartment in the scooter's base, which can be taken out and placed back in after usage. It is made lighter by using hubless wheels instead of regular wheels.


No, this is not a high-end motorbike; rather, it is a cargo scooter. Cargo scooters do not pollute the environment, are less expensive to run , quiet, and contribute far less to traffic congestion. And, thanks to the design of Krishnakumar Govekar, they've become even more stylish and futuristic! With its expandable body design and strong materials, it looks like it came out of the future. Because of its extendable body, its carrying capacity has been improved.


Flying hoverboard? This two-in-one design will drastically change your perspective. We may remove the wheels and use it as a hoverboard thanks to a dock that has been specially designed for it. There is no such thing as a limit to creativity. XETA by Heeseong Kim catches the eye with its modern design and LED lighting.

Despite the extreme nature of concept designs, these models are not impossible to produce and might be on the market within a few years. Today, we are experiencing a technologically driven shift in the transportation industry that is changing the way we move and live in cities.

Hergele on the other hand is inspired by the retro vintage aesthetic, praising the old school yet looking at the future, with the thrill of innovation. With its customizable gas-brake responses, the Hergele electric scooter adapts to the needs of every rider, even on rough city streets and steep hills. There’s even app support provided! The Hergele App puts you in charge of your ride, tracks your progress, and secures your Hergele while you're not around. You can choose between eco, everyday, and sport driving modes whenever you want. Hergele's handcrafted hardwood decks combine individuality with micro mobility, making them ideal if you want your ride to complement your own style. All of the decks are decorated with skateboard graphics that have been UV printed or engraved onto them.

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