Micro Mobility 101

Micro mobility tools are springing up all over the world asa viable and highly profitable mode of transportation. Micro mobility refers to a class of light vehicles that operate at speeds of less than 25 km/hour. Electric scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, electric skateboards are all examples of micromobile personal transportation devices. Scooters and bicycles encourage a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable outdoor lifestyle. More than half of all trips in the UK are under five kilometers, implying that travel can be both cost-effective and ecologically benign.

Micro mobility concept is now increasing at a faster pace than car-sharing and is predicted to become a popular mode of urban transportation. As the society’s transportational habits change, the micro mobility market is driven by the ability to meet the demand of the customers. According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide micro mobility market was worth $40.19 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $195.42 billion by 2030. It is reported that the global micro mobility market size is expected to reach $69.32 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 13.7% from 2021 to 2028. Also stated by the Mckinsey, the global market is estimated to reach a volume of $500 billion by 2030. Though the predictions may differentiate from one another, the overall curve is heading up. All the predictions show us that this trend is on the rise and will go on. Due to this expanding trend of on-demand transportation services; strategic investments, government initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit on this market are increasing.

The pandemic also affected the market growth of micro mobility since micro mobility provides an incredibly safe mode of transportation for those who have been hesitant to use public transit due to the recent pandemic. When compared to pre-pandemic levels, the number of persons looking to use shared micromobility on a regular basis will increase by 12% in the post-pandemic world. In London, a scooter that was used twice a day on average is now used 4.5 times a day on average.

These unexpected vehicles also help us to build a more sustainable future.

According to the findings in the field of energy consumption, e-scooters can travel 128 kilometers on 1 kW/h of energy, whereas a fossil fuel automobile can only travel 1.6 kilometers on the same amount of energy. With the micro mobility culture on the rise, the global overall energy consumption will surely have significant changes.

Electric scooters can be stated as the most popular type of micro mobility equipment on the micro mobility market. With its low transit costs and lack of parking issues, it is a gamechanger in urban transportation. With their features that make life easier, electric scooter models that appeal to people of are quite popular. If you want to start or expand a shared mobility network, Hergele Mobility offers an all inclusive pack for emerging operators to start their own fleet in weeks. Fleet Pack includes the hardware and the software; the end user mobile application, the backend fleet management system, the operators app and the IoT integrated vehicles.

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