Micro Mobility Revolution : One Third of Car Journeys Have Been Replaced

People can commute to work, running errands, and go anywhere they need to go in everyday life without the need for a personal automobile thanks to new mobility services and a solid public transportation network. According to an e-scooter user study, a third of trips on Neuron Mobility's micro mobility vehicles replaced automobile trips. The survey was conducted in Newcastle, England. These vehicles also link multiple transit options such as metro and bus stations, as well as providing simple access to the intended area from public transportation. According to another survey, 60% of e-scooter users have also used public transportation in addition to their e-scooter trips. Because of its portability and ease of parking, micro mobility vehicles are a huge benefit to their users. Additionally, many people choose to utilize this mode of transportation since it is both fast and ecologically beneficial for short-distance travel.

Illustration Credit : Vicky Leta / Mashable

When these vehicles first appeared on the market, they were mostly used for fun, but now these modes of transportation are in our everyday lives. Ged Bell, mayor of Newcastle said that the city's e-scooters had become an essential mode of transportation for citizens. As a result, "they are giving a handy alternative to make short travels, which also helps to reduce congestion and improve air quality by displacing automobile journeys," he noted. It has the potential to boost the local economy as well. Neuron Mobility reports that 61% of all rides in Newcastle have ended in a local company purchase, which is an outstanding number.

Due to revived interest in urbanization and the increasing need for environmentally friendly alternatives, the demand for shared mobility is increasing. Advances in electronic and wireless technologies have made it simpler and more efficient to share assets and data. Hergele Mobility's All Inclusive Fleet Packs, which include the necessary software to run the operation and the eco-friendly transportation vehicles, are designed to empower people's behaviors and their contributions to the environment by supporting entrepreneurs who intend to start fleets and making this culture accessible to everyone in every part of the world. We believe that the usage of personal vehicles will continue to decline as shared mobility options continue to improve.



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