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Scooters and fleet management software work wonders when used in cooperation. In this way of shared micro mobility systems, it is aimed in general to replace cars for the rides under 5km and therefore reduce carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, noise pollution and traffic congestions in urban areas.

Due to the worldwide pandemic and the search for alternatives in everyone’s daily routines combined with the emergence of start-ups offering fun and quick ways for people to commute led to the inevitable disruption in the conventional transportation methods. And today, more micro mobility vehicles than ever before are hitting the streets.

How it works?

Shared-scooter systems function by giving people a means to go about without having to do anything extra or engage with anybody along the way. The software enables users to unlock a scooter wherever they find one. As long as the operator's app can accept a digital payment method, the rental may go through. As soon as the riders have arrived at their location, they park the scooter and lock it. That’s how simple it is.

How about the profits?

You may safely assume that the majority of them are profitable. But in the micro mobility industry, volume and saturation are the key points of success, besides the main fact, excellence in customer experience. The important steps to achieve:

  • Selecting a city where sustainable transportation is encouraged

  • Launching around a time of year when demand for kick scooters is at its highest, such as during the summer

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the industry and the competition.

  • Preparation is key when it comes to setting your rental prices.

  • When it comes to charging and maintaining your equipment, you must be efficient.

As Hergele Mobility, we help with all of these steps by following industry profit margins and making sure these criterias are in place. As long as you follow the appropriate procedures and use the right technology, starting a scooter share may be a simple process. Here's how to get going:

Business Plan and Choosing the Launch Place

When launching a fleet, the first thing to consider is your business plan. Anyone may use a scooter from a public-sharing fleet, which are prevalent in many cities, to go about town by scanning the scooter with a phone and riding away.

Hergele Mobility’s B2B strategy allows you to rent for enterprises like private school campuses, hotel chains, compounds, work premises, housing sites or even last mile delivery purposes. The chances are endless if you keep an open mind and a hunger for innovation. Our software works with all of these solutions, and we can assist you in determining which solution is the best match for your company strategy.

Brand Identity

To succeed in the e-scooter industry, you'll need a distinctive brand. Name and logo, as well as brand guidelines for design and tone-of-voice, will be required. When people see your scooters on the street, app and website; the first thing they will be getting in touch with will be your branding.

In order to thrive in a competitive industry, you'll need to be able to be in touch with your customers, daily. Keep your operations constant, provide a positive customer experience, engage in feedbacks and keep in touch with your consumers.

Choosing the Right Vehicles

It is critical for your company's success that you have the appropriate scooters. Hergele Mobility offers a variety of scooters which have a long lifetime, a strong battery, are not costly to fix and are attractive to the customers and safe to ride.

All urban parameters should be taken into consideration while choosing the right vehicle for your operation. Giving an example, it is the smart choice to fit the needs of the areas to operate, as in scooters with lesser climbing rates and lower torque being in flat cities. Yet, if you want to operate in a slopy area, it is wiser to choose a higher torque vehicle in order to provide the best experience for the customers.

Operation area’s and the customer demographics’ needs should be met in order to run a successful platform. It is commonly said that you win at the purchase. The decisions made at the pre launch process are crucial for the return on investment and as Hergele Mobility with our 3 year expertise in the micro mobility industry, we are here to provide you the best solution for your case as a ghost consultant throughout the process.

Documents and Other Forms of Consent

Within the great disruption starting in 2018 and a fast paced expansion of micro mobility globally, local authorities started taking regulations and precautions in order to keep the public order in place. Each country and city have varying regulations for that matter.

These rules, regulations and restrictions should be studied country per country before launch. Make a thorough investigation of this and ensure that you have the appropriate identity and insurance to satisfy local authorities.

Locks and Security

The potential of IoT integration and locks, which link to the internet through GPS and bluetooth, is essential to a scooter-sharing scheme. As a result, it's important to choose a scooter that has an effective and a user-friendly locking mechanism. A GPS tracker is a must if you want to keep an eye on your vehicles and know where they are at all times.

Scooters will only grow in popularity and profitability as they play a vital part in transportation in the future. Scooter-sharing became a decent option for everyone in a time when pollution and traffic are a critical concern. The transportation sector's technology is also at its finest, so it's no surprise that the market is shifting this way.

As Hergele Mobility we are here to fulfill your ideas for a scooter-sharing system. Contact us!

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