What to expect : Micro Mobility 2022

In 2021, we saw an unprecedented increase in the usage of e-scooters and other types of electric vehicles, as well as the growth of worldwide network of shared mobility operators. Now that the stage has been set for 2022, what are the most important trends to watch? It's already 2022, and the scene has been set for what will surely be an exciting year.

Consumers may now be educated about micromobility's advantages as well as electric mobility as a result of the growing popularity of cycling as a transportation mode. It's just a matter of time until bicycles become a more widespread mode of transportation. Nearly 70% of people globally believe they would ride a bike, moped, or e-scooter to work if given the chance, according to a new McKinsey survey.

Cargo bikes, on the other hand, are expected to have an increase until the year 2022. According to a study released in August called "The Promise of Low Carbon Freight," cargo bikes saved 3,896 kilos of CO2 and 5.5 kilos of nitrogen oxide over the course of three months.

2021 was a year that saw the emergence of private micro-mobility fleets, and this trend is expected to continue into 2022. Private fleets are run by enterprises, such as hotels, colleges, residential complexes, and even delivery networks. Universities are also increasingly using their own private fleets. For cross-campus mobility that is fast and avoids the need for huge shuttles, e-scooters are an excellent option. The university saves money and reduces energy consumption by not having to operate as many huge motor vehicles. With Hergele Mobility, you can build your own fleet and take advantage of the campus transportation and private fleets trends that are becoming popular in 2022.

An increase in the use of micro-mobility vehicles is expected in instant home delivery services. Delivery firms may save money, save time, and minimize their carbon footprint by using electric scooters and bikes. "Micro-warehousing" is a means of managing rapid and sustainable distribution methods by keeping everything within a short distance for quick delivery. e-scooters and e-bikes are popular in urban areas because they are quick and efficient.

These are the top micro mobility expectations for 2022, according to the experts. Just getting started, the micro mobility business has a lot of opportunity to expand and thrive. As Hergele Mobility provides all of the services and goods, operators and entrepreneurs may start operating and maintaining their fleets with ease, allowing them to concentrate completely on the business. A shared mobility platform may be launched and maintained in a matter of minutes thanks to Hergele Mobility's technology, making it possible for anybody with an interest in running a fleet to do so.

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