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Improving Life With Micro Mobility


Driving a Sustainable Future

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At Hergele, we are the architects of change, crafting micro-mobility fleets that empower clients to become operators. Our arsenal includes the iconic electric kick scooter, symbolizing efficiency and sustainability. Beyond this, we offer a diverse array – electric bikes, mopeds, mini trucks, skateboards, and innovative devices like electric mobility charging stations. In collaboration with esteemed investors such as Migros and Re-pie VC, we've not only embraced the future but co-developed WAMO, a game-changing warehouse mobility vehicle that boosts operational efficiency by an astounding 75%. 


Hergele is not just a tech company; it's a journey toward a future where transportation and logistics harmonize with efficiency and sustainability, offering you a glimpse into the evolution of mobility.

Lean Principles

We're revolutionizing transportation and logistics through a vision built on lean principles, sustainability, and innovation. With a proven track record in micro mobility fleets and groundbreaking vehicles like Wamo, we're reshaping the industry, exploring every aspect where micro mobility can improve.


Join us where Hergele stands as a symbol of efficiency, sustainability, and creative problem-solving in transportation and logistics.

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Meet the Founders

Meet Lal and Bugay, the driving force behind Hergele Mobility. Fueled by a shared passion for transforming transportation and logistics, we founded Hergele with a mission to innovate and solve industry challenges. Join us on this journey toward a future where efficiency meets creativity in mobility.



Architect at heart. Organizes in the day and sets the vision for tomorrow.

Lal Polater Co-Founder of Hergele Mobility Architect Entrepreneur Female Startup Founder Start up Founder  Mobility



Engineer to the core. Saves the day with brave, creative decision making. 

Bugay Çağlar Co-Founder of Hergele Mobility Mechanical Engineer  Entrepreneur Male Startup Founder Start up Founder Mobility


Join The Tribe

Passionate about your work? So are we! There's a form beyond the arrow. Click on it and fill out the form. Get in touch with us and join the tribe. 


Let's build something great together.

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