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Start Your Micro Mobility Business Today!


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Join the future of mobility with Hergele. Build your electric fleet and redefine success in the micro-mobility sector. Embrace innovation and efficiency to drive your business forward.

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Turnkey Mobility Sharing

Unlock a hassle-free future with Hergele's turnkey model, where hardware meets software seamlessly. Choose from a range of vehicles and empower your operations with advanced software features.

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Seamlessly control your operations with our software suite –  From real-time management on the dashboard to engaging end-users with a mobile app and empowering your field staff with an operational app.leverage heat maps, and craft specialized campaigns. Your mobility empire starts here.


Your fleet, your way. Choose from a range of micro-mobility vehicles, including kick scooters, bikes, mopeds, and more. .Diversity meets efficiency as you select the perfect ride for your micro-mobility venture.


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Micro Mobility as a Service

This robust software solution provides a comprehensive micro mobility as a service platform that enables businesses to seamlessly manage and operate fleets of e-scooters, e-bikes, and other micro mobility vehicles. 

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Charge : 20%

Battery Low


Relocate Me!


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Real Time

Fleet Insights

Data Driven

Decision Making

Gain real-time insights with our Management Dashboard, your central hub for overseeing fleet operations. Analyze meaningful data to make informed decisions, access comprehensive logs, and create campaigns effortlessly—from referrals to promo codes and push notifications. Additionally, manage geofences, fleets, and monitor your operational staff's activities, open tasks, and timelines, ensuring a seamlessly optimized fleet operation

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Admin-Staff Connectivity


Management Excellence

Experience efficient field communication with our Operational App—an essential link between the admin and field staff. Designed for recharge, relocate, and repair tasks, the app features a task pool where staff can select or be assigned tasks by the admin. Generate optimized routes for enhanced fleet efficiency, and ensure seamless communication regarding staff activities, open tasks, and task timelines.

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Introducing the cheat sheet to success with our software—four steps to transform your business. Launch your fleet, manage operations in real-time, engage users through impactful campaigns, and grow beyond borders with optimized operations.

Seamless Route to Success

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Select your area, choose vehicles, customize your app, and deploy your fleet.


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Expand your fleet across multiple areas, track user habits with heatmaps, enable multiple languages and currencies, and optimize operations using route optimization.


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Create campaigns, send push notifications, customize pricing, and drive user engagement.


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Track vehicles in real-time, analyze data, monitor staff activity, and access historical logs.


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White Label




Introducing the End User Mobile App—a white-label solution for users to join, ride, and engage seamlessly. Customize the app effortlessly with white-label branding, making it an extension of your brand. Admins can actively engage with users through bonus credits, push notifications, and promo codes. With support for multiple languages and currencies, this app ensures a globally tailored experience for your users.


Unlock strategic insights with the Heat Map feature. Derived from user trip data, this tool empowers admins to decode user mobility habits. Understand peak usage areas, preferred routes, and high-demand zones. Armed with this knowledge, admins can fine-tune operational strategies, ensuring a dynamic response to user behaviors and optimizing fleet distribution for unparalleled efficiency.

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Operational excellence starts with Route Optimization. Watch as your staff transforms efficiency by creating the most streamlined routes for tasks. Tasks selected from the pool seamlessly translate into the most efficient operational sequence. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to peak productivity in your fleet operations.

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See your entire fleet in real-time with a heat map. Optimize vehicle distribution, rebalance hotspots, and meet rider demand efficiently


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Don't let high initial costs of developing your own software hold you back! All-inclusive solutions are ready-to-roll, saving you precious time and capital.


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Flying blind? Dive into detailed analytics! See ridership patterns, popular routes, and user feedback to make data-driven decisions.


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No need to be a coding wizard! User-friendly interfaces and intuitive tools make operating the software a breeze, even for tech neophytes.


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We partner with industry-leading payment processors to ensure secure, seamless transactions for both riders and operators. No need to worry, just collect your earnings!


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Our all-inclusive software empowers you to launch, manage, and scale your own shared mobility fleet, without the technical headaches or million-dollar price tag. Ride the wave of the future, one fleet at a time.


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