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🚀 Come Visit Hergele at CES 2024

Warehouse Mobility Vehicle Wamo Vehicle Low Level Order Picker Innovative Micro Mobility CES 2024

Revolutionizing Mobility with WAMO 🌐

At the heart of our showcase lies our groundbreaking innovation — WAMO, a warehouse mobility vehicle that's redefining the norms of efficiency in logistics. WAMO, born from a collaboration with Migros, is not just a micro mobility vehicle OR a low level order picker; it's a game-changer for warehouse operations. WAMO is here to transform the way goods move within warehouses, boosting operational efficiency by a staggering 75%.

Why WAMO Matters 📦

In the fast-paced world of micro mobility and logistics, WAMO stands out as a symbol of ingenuity. It's not just about moving goods; it's about revolutionizing how businesses handle their warehouse operations. By integrating WAMO into your operations, you're not just embracing a vehicle; you're embracing a lean era of efficiency.

Our Commitment to Innovation 🚚

As a tech company dedicated to solving complex problems in transportation and logistics, our CES participation is a testament to our commitment to innovation. We're not just here to showcase products; we're here to inspire change. Through our sleek electric kick scooters, sharing mobility software and all, the star of the show, WAMO, we're bringing a new level of agility to the world of micro mobility.

Visit Our Booth 🎉

We invite you to join us at CES 2024, where you can experience firsthand the future of micro mobility and witness WAMO in action. Our booth promises an immersive journey into the world of innovation, where you can explore the diverse range of vehicles and solutions we offer.

Let's Connect 🤝

CES is not just a showcase; it's a conversation. We're excited to connect with fellow innovators, tech enthusiasts, and potential collaborators. Let's discuss how our solutions can elevate your business and contribute to the evolving landscape of transportation and logistics.

See you at CES 2024, where innovation knows no bounds!

Hergele Mobility 🚀📦


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