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📈 The Electric Scooter Market in Turkey: Growth and Opportunities!

🌟 Transforming Cities and Renewing Transportation with Electric Scooter Rental Software! 🌟

At the heart of urban life, a revolution is growing every day: Electric Scooters. These innovative electric transportation vehicles are a perfect example of how we can make urban mobility smarter, cleaner, and more accessible. 🛴💨

Discover how Hergele's electric scooter sharing software saves you time in your operations, reduces costs, and supports you in establishing a successful business. Learn more on our website.

📈 The Rise of the Electric Scooter Market in the World and Turkey

The electric scooter market has become an indispensable part of modern cities that seek sustainability and innovation. Globally and in Turkey, electric micro vehicles are rapidly becoming a rising star among urban mobility solutions. 🌟

Hergele actively shapes the market with its all-inclusive turnkey business model powered by electric scooter rental software. With our innovative and customer-focused software technologies, we make renting electric scooters, electric bicycles, and electric mopeds smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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🚀 Open the Doors to Smart Cities with Hergele

Hergele takes a leading role in the micromobility sector, offering an advanced MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platform for electric scooters and other electric transport vehicles. This platform is designed to make urban transportation more accessible, efficient, and sustainable. 🌿🛴

📲 Innovative App Experience

Users can easily rent and manage scooters through our user-friendly mobile app. The app provides a comprehensive experience, including nearby vehicle locations, vehicle status updates, campaign details, and payment transactions. Users can thus reserve, lock, or unlock their scooters and go on their rides from anywhere.

⚙️ Smart Management Panel

Hergele offers businesses and fleet managers a powerful dashboard through which they can monitor, analyze, and manage all their vehicles in real-time. This panel provides crucial data such as vehicle usage statistics, user habits, maintenance needs, and field operation management.

🌍 Global Reach

Hergele's MaaS solutions are globally applicable and can be easily integrated into various markets and geographies. This allows Hergele to offer micromobility solutions not only in Turkey but also worldwide.

🌐 Centrally Managed Global Operations

Hergele’s MaaS platform is an excellent solution for franchise businesses and sub-fleets in various cities. It enables managing all operations globally from a single control panel. This system empowers fleet managers in different locations to efficiently control, monitor, and optimize their operations.

📊 User Details and Campaign Management

The platform provides user behavior analytics, enabling businesses to create customized marketing campaigns and promotions. Data such as user habits, preferred routes, and frequently used times are utilized for more effective user experiences and targeted advertising efforts.

🛠️ Continuous Communication with the Operations App

Hergele’s operations app allows fleet managers to communicate instantly with field teams. This app enables field staff to receive instant task assignments, share important information, and get vehicle status updates. Field teams can update the tasks given via the app in real-time and provide feedback to managers. 📡

🛠️ Maintenance and Support

Hergele's software infrastructure tracks vehicle maintenance and repair processes, ensuring operational continuity. Automatic maintenance reminders and fault notifications help businesses keep their fleets at peak efficiency.

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📉 Investor-Friendly Cost Structure and Flexible Revenue Models: 💸

At Hergele, we support our operators' success using our electric scooter rental software. By working with a monthly fixed fee per vehicle, we ensure our business partners know in advance how much they will pay each month. This transparent and predictable cost structure makes financial planning easier for operators using our electric scooter sharing software and provides a more reliable business environment. 📊🛴

💰 Annual and Multi-Year Options

To encourage long-term partnerships, Hergele offers annual and multi-year subscription options for its electric scooter rental services. These options allow operators to benefit from our services at lower costs, optimizing their long-term investments. The longer the commitment, the lower the costs, thus lightening the financial burden as businesses grow.

🌍 Invest in a Sustainable Future 🚀

Using Hergele's electric scooter sharing platforms and urban electric scooter usage not only invests in our present but also in our future. Be inspired by our vision to build greener, cleaner, and more livable cities with our sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. Join us on this exciting journey filled with technology and innovation. For more details or to get in touch, visit our contact page. 🌿✨


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