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Fleet Management

Simplify your fleet management with comprehensive dashboard, all your trips, vehicles, customers and payments in one place.

Operational Excellence

Improve your fleet's efficiency and customer satisfaction with our real-time dashboard and analytics tools and enhance customer satisfaction.

Financial Execution

Gain a deeper understanding of your financial performance. Track all transactions, compare your financials on a timely basis.

Custom Experience

Make your fleet, your fleet. With Hergele, you get a fully customizable experience for your end users so that you can set the look and feel.

Start Your Journey, Explore Today

Hergele Mobility's all-inclusive shared mobility solutions are the perfect choice for your business. Our fully integrated platform includes a fleet management control dashboard, customizable end user mobile app, and on-field operators app.

Your Riders

As an admin, you are directly linked to your customers via the end user mobile app.

Your Teams

And also, you are connected to your on field operational teams via the operators app.

The dashboard provides an overview of trips, vehicles, customers and payments.

Access the information you need to make good decisions fast.

Launch and grow 🏆 your fleet with ease using Hergele Mobility's all-inclusive infrastructure! Real-time monitoring 👀 and analytics 📊 give you a complete overview of your fleet.


 Easy-to-use tools 🧰 help improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 🚀 Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to grow your business and spread the micro mobility magic🪄 today!

Easy to Use

Wamos are simple to operate, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

Higher Efficiency

Wamos improve efficiency through innovative design and functionality.

Sooner in ROI

Competitive pricing and a quick ROI period,  Wamo is the solution.

Easy to Scale

Easy to deploy and use, with an intuitive design and flexible structure.

Explore the intersection of micro mobility and warehouse logistics. Wamo vehicles are here to revolutionize logistics and change the way your warehouse moves, as lean as possible.

Wamo, Industrial Mobility

Leveraging micro mobility to advance logistics

Take The First Step!

We are dedicated to innovative solutions that explore the possibility of micro mobility, fleet management in streets or logistics in warehouses. We are dedicated to leave a better planet for the future generations, building it brighter, one trip at a time.

The hybrid solution for material handling that combines the agility of micro mobility with warehouse logistics.

With its intuitive design, durability, low carbon footprint, and quick ROI period, Wamo is the simplest solution the most complex problems.

that have been with us through this journey

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